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Flow 2010 Conference Report

My Temple colleague Kelly Ryan and I contributed a conference report about our experiences at the 2010 Flow Conference for the online journal Scope.


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I’m Not Even Tagging This With His Name For The Cheap Hits

If you want an amazing breakdown of The Scandal That Should Not Be Named, check out ALOTT5MA’s life cycle of a celebrity scandal. Day 820 (the final day) is perfect, as is the reference to UPS 2-day shipping. And remember that Friday is Unfollow That Dude Day.

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“Huge” Disappointment

I’m sad to hear that ABC Family has canceled Huge. I found some parts to be eyeroll-worthy (the Amber character’s breathiness, for one), but it was a pretty faithful depiction of adolescence. Teenagers are somewhat annoying and melodramatic, and Huge wasn’t afraid to showcase that.

The most interesting character for me, however, was Alistair. I would have liked to see how the writers would have developed his gender identity as the series continued.

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