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The Forced March

I set up this site a while ago as a place to yammer about media, but it’s obvious that I’ve been letting it languish. My pal Beth decided to embark on a puntastic “Forced March” in which we and others agree to blog every day for the month of March (or Spring will never come).

I’m going to try, but this is going to be tough since I’m in the thick of dissertating, with drafts of two chapters due this month. But expect some ranting about the media exploitation/fascination with Charlie Sheen, the Red Sox’s (or is it Red Sox’ — I’m struggling with this stylistic issue and have consulted my copy-editing expert pals, but more feedback truly is appreciated) spring training season, whatever issue I have with NY1 at the moment and other media-related content.

Despite my immersion in the theoretical worlds of myth, ritual, social memory and baseball coverage, I’m still watching a lot of television and listening to a ton of NPR. (Fun fact: my cats love Fresh Air, and we leave NPR on for them when we’re going to be out of the house for a significant amount of time. Yes, I’m That Guy.)

There’s a whole post in me about Andre Dubus III’s new memoir Townie. Consider that a tease for later today (ambitious!) or tomorrow.

Let’s do this.



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