What Is the Worst Boston Sports Video of All Time?

I’ve been a bad Forced Marcher, but I’m trying to get back on track. But I digress…

Earlier this week, cable channel NESN unveiled “This Is Boston,” a new anthem for Red Sox Nation:

My pal Maura at Popdust referred to it as “a crummy anthem,” which is absolutely true. (It’s no “Tessie.” ) However, I insist it is nowhere near the worst Boston sports video. No, that honor goes to one of the following.

Is it the Patriots’ answer to the Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle,” 1986’s “New England, The Patriots and We”?

Or is it the Celtics’ “First Time Since ’69,” a horrendous 1987 earworm with bad rap about the Celtics’ attempt to win back-to-back championships for the first time since, er, 1969? (Bonus: a line about the death of Len Bias.)

I should note that both of these videos are from years where the respective teams lost. Does that mean the Red Sox are doomed this year? More importantly, which is the worst video?


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